Sculpting with earth, building a community. 
Prindi leht  

Training Course: Sculpting with earth, building a community.
"What's the use of a fine house if you haven't got a tolerable planet to put it on?”
Henry David Thoreau

An active exchange of knowledge between Estonia and Italy generating an international Training course for adult learners in the Abruzzo Region of Italy. The course is led by Estonian Eco-builder and trainer Jaanus Viese and local artist-facilitators Uri Noy Meir and Ilaria Olimpico. The trainings combines an Eco-design building with cob with an experience based community building and language learning through theater games and storytelling, The course will give participates great tools for working with youth and adults on issues of inter-culture, environment and sustainability.
Jaanus Viese from Estonia will be teaching earth sculpting and building a rocket stove and a cob fireplace for alternative efficient renewable and affordable house heating.
Uri Noy Meir and Ilaria Olimpico will teach storytelling and participatory theater as efficient
tools for learning languages, cultures and for building and engaging a community.
The training is aimed to develop skills in youth educators, teachers and other adult learners.
Dates: 20.8 – 26.8.2014
Participants: min 12 max 16
Training fee: 200 Euro (before June 1st early bird 150 euro)
Accommodation: 5 till 25 euro pp a night; Dependents if camping, B&B or apartments.
Food: local restaurant or / and shared cooking sessions.
* It is possible to obtain a European Union Erasmus+ grant (KA1, learning mobility of individuals) to cover Seminar fee and travel expanses.
You can reserve your place before making application to Erasmus+ office, ask us for assistance in the application and let us know of the results . Contact:
Thematic field of the training:
* Building sustainably and locally with earth and straw
* Eco-design: Cob furniture, Rocket stove, Rumford fireplace
* Italian and languages through Games and practical activity
* Storytelling to create community while working with youth

You will do practically:
Clay soil testing for cob
Different cob mixes and mixing techniques
Cob building techniques
Earth plasters and plaster applying techniques.
Simple rocket mass heater
Rumford fireplace
Cob furniture (arches, shelves, nishes)
Narrative circles
Basic Italian, English and Estonian through games

You will learn during discussions:
Materials, constructions and shapes in the Nature
Preconditions of effective burning
Rocket stove construction principles
Brick rocket stove
Passive solar planning with cob
Bale-cob building techniques
Alternative foundations (rock, sandbag). Stone/rubble trench and drainage
Examples of simple roof constructions
Using theater and storytelling in youth work and community building
Training place:
Nuova Arcadia School (hosting association) has its headquarters in Casalbordino, a friendly town on the Adriatic sea, in Abruzzo region, in the center of Italy. Casalbordino preserved the atmosphere of an Italian old town, and it is situated in a very good position: it is near the sea but, in the same time, quite close to the Appennini mountains, 45 minutes from Pescara international airport and less then 3 hours from Rome. The house in which most of the workshop would be done is around a 100 years old and has some walls made through traditional earth (Cob) walls which makes it a site in which the old art of building meets young people exchanging knowledge across the continent.

About Trainers

Eco-design trainer from Estonia Jaanus Viese: Workshop Instructor Jaanus Viese has run natural building courses since 2004. Jaanus has much experience with cob, bale-cob, rocket stoves and heated massive benches (could be also wall, clay-floor). He has run more than dozen cob-oven and rocket stove courses and many long cob home course. Courses are practical with short theory sessions. Also it is very artistic, with cob we sculpt nishes, arches, furniture. Last years Jaanus has worked a lot with rocket stoves and heated benches. Most rockets are done during workshops for youth and adults.
Jaanus experience shows that natural building is directly connected to our inner growing. It is one way to show others our soul beauty and awareness. During long workshops people start to create magical forms.

Jaanus is thankful that he has learned natural building from :
*Ianto and Linda Evans (cob, bale-cob and rocket stove)
*Bill and Athena Steen (plastering and clay floors)
*Frank Thomas (basic of straw-bale)
Jaanus has also academical background- He studied Environment science in Tallinn University and oven building at Tallinn Builders School.
Storytelling and theater in youth work and community building trainers Uri Noy Meir and
Ilaria Olimpico from Italy: Uri, a Theater director-facilitator , has been engaged in activating
communities through Theatre of the Oppressed and Participatory Art. Leading workshops and trainings with activists, educators, social workers and artists in Nepal, India, Northern Ireland, the Us, Israel-Palestine, Estonia, Croatia, Holland, Georgia and Italy. Ilaria is a storyteller and theater facilitator. In the past years, she has been facilitating workshops that dealt with issues of gender and interculture, applying techniques of Theatre of the Oppressed and Narrative Circle, inspiring reflection on personal and social reality through the creation of stories and performances.
Languages used for the Seminar: English, Estonian and Italian

Seminar Programme (day by day):
Arrival by 14 pm
Welcome to Casalbordino and welcome lunch at local Pizzeria
Afternoon- Learning about each-others Language and cultures through theater introduction games.
Evening- Presentation of training course
Morning- Practical learning and building. Material preparing for mixing. Basic of cob mixing with tarp.
Afternoon- Practical learning and building. Building Rocket stove and Rumford fireplace burning chamber mock-up. Cob mixing.
Discussion session "What is Cob? Burning process. Rocket stove, heated earth-bench and Rumford fireplace"
Evening- “Storytelling/narrative circle as learning about ourselves and the others”
Morning- Practical learning and building. Sculpting cob mix. Cob nish or arch.
Afternoon- Practical learning and building. Rumford fireplace and rocket stove building.
Discussion session " Alternative foundations for stoves, benches and cob walls. Simple roof
Evening: A Documentary film on the theme
Morning- Practical learning and building. Cob bench, rocket stove and cob walls.
Afternoon - Practical learning and building. Discussion session "Clay soil tests. Suitable sand, clay and straw for Cob"
Free evening
Morning - Practical learning and building. Rocket stove. Cob mixes and sculpting walls, bench, fireplace. Clay plaster mixing and applying.
Afternoon - Practical learning and building. Cob building, plastering. Discussion session "Other type of rocket stoves (brick, water heating etc). Bale-cob. Collecting solar power with cob."
Evening- Using theater and storytelling in youth work and community building
Morning - Practical learning and building. Rocket stove. Cob mixing and sculpting walls, bench, fireplace. Summary and participants individual questions.
Afternoon- Creative evaluation activity and visit in local natural reserve Punta Aderci.
Evening- dinner at typical Trabocco
Goodbyes and departures
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